Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Climate

The winter average temperature is approximately 43 degrees (F) and the average daily minimum temperature is 32 degrees (F). The summer average temperature is 80 degrees (F) and the average daily maximum temperature is 93 degrees (F).

Average annual precipitation is 45 inches. Of this, 26 inches, or about 60 percent, usually falls in April through September. The growing season for most crops falls within this period. In 2 years out of 10, the rainfall in April through September is less than 20 inches. The average seasonal snow fall is 4.2 inches. On an average of 2 days, at least 1 inch of snow is on the ground. The number of such days varies greatly from year to year.

The average relative humidity in mid-afternoon is about 50 percent. Humidity is higher at night, and the average at dawn is about 80 percent. The sun shines 70 percent of the time possible in summer and 50 percent in winter. The prevailing wind is from the southwest. Average windspeed is highest, 10 miles per hour, in March.

Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, which occur occasionally, are local and of short duration. The pattern of damage is variable and spotty.

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