Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 - Beginning Our Farm

Our farm is finally getting off of the ground. After eleven years of talking, work has finally begun.

The purpose of Baker Heritage Farms is:
  • To be good stewards of the land, maintaining the land for future generations;
  • Providing a safe and healthy farm environment;
  • Providing unaltered, healthy and wholesome food products to the less fortunate, those in need, and to the general public when available; and
  • Providing information and working knowledge by sharing experiences and results with those interested in achieving a better lifestyle based on basic traditional values.
Over the next five years our goals include:
  • Determining the best use of the land while maintaining good stewardship;
  • Plot development, building fences and animal housing facilities;
  • Determine the best produce and stock/poultry for improving health, decreasing expenses, and remaining sustainable and environmentally friendly;
  • Purchasing appropriate seed, seedlings, and stock; and
  • Being an integral part of the community through farming and sharing of experiences.
Baker Heritage Farms will initially be an experimental farming enterprise to educate the public on the advantages of backyard/small acreage farming, and all operations will be documented. Documentation will include costs, types of fruits, vegetables, and small livestock, as well as equipment used, etc. While the farming enterprise will be experimental, it should also reduce food costs while providing healthier and more wholesome food products. Excess production will initially be donated to local churches for feeding the less fortunate. Ultimately, we hope to pass on the land and the farming enterprise to our children and grandchildren.

Our initial operation will include heritage chickens, turkeys, and goats, as well as a variety of heirloom vegetables and fruit trees. The location of initial plots for the chickens, turkeys, goats, vegetables, and fruit trees have been determined and fence lines are being cut (where needed). Over the next 60-days we hope to begin fencing the plots and constructing housing for the animals.

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