Sunday, July 8, 2012


Greetings from Baker Heritage Farms;

As mentioned last week, the test garden has been fully planted, though additional seeds will be planted throughout the next month or two, as space permits.

With the exception of the onions (no growth at all, most likely due to being planted too late) and corn (sporadic growth), everything seems to be doing well. The two varieties of squash seem to be doing excellent, at least in the leaf stage. Watermelon, pumpkin, beans, and cucumbers all are peaking up through the soil.

We had problems with animals and something ate the leaves off of the sunflowers. We think we may have an answer. We stretched bright yellow caution tape (ok, it was actually Sheriff line tape) the length of the garden and tied old computer disks to it along it's length. We supported the caution tape with a small rope so that it is about the same height as a deer. We also attached fencing along the bottom of the gate to prevent "walk-in" guests; however, they can still get in from the west side, which is only barbed wire at this time. Donald and David extended the garden fence along the west side but were unable to complete the job due to storms.

It was a very hot week; however, there have been thundershowers each evening since Friday. This has been good for the plants but has prevented afternoon work being done.

Donald and David went down to the pasture early Saturday morning to start working on clearing the remainder of the east fence line. They were successful in getting the fence line cleared to the end of what will be Section One - or the Horticultural Section. Section One was measured and we will only have three plots within this area (we originally thought we would be able to get four in). Each plot will be 1/2 acre (220 feet by 100 feet). We will still have room left for a green house, as well as some raised beds for root crops and herbs. Donald started mowing Section One but was only able to complete about half of it and has not had the opportunity to return due to the storms. Once it is mowed, soil samples will be taken and shipped off to the lab.

Section Two, to the north of Section One, will be the Livestock Section and we are not making any concentrated efforts to prepare this Section at this time, as we will not be adding livestock until possibly next year.

Additional supplies were purchased this week so that the hen house can be completed and the chicken coop finished.

As Donald has a Beginning Farmers and Ranchers class this coming Saturday, only maintenance work will get done.

We are starting to get our accounting records in order and hope to be able to share information on the costs related to the gardens in the near future.

Until next time,

Blessings from Baker Heritage Farms

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