Sunday, November 4, 2012


Greetings from Baker Heritage Farms;

If you read our last post "Planning for Planting" you may think that we spend the entire week inside. Not so. It was a beautiful week here in eastern Oklahoma and we took advantage of it.

The week did not start out good. David was mowing the Blackwell & Stewart property (non-farming entity) in town and a belt broke on the L-118 (small tractor) requiring that he and Debbie take the tractor into the John Deere dealership in town for a new belt. As the tractor has not been completely serviced in over 4 years (minor servicing is done on the farm) it got a full checkup and servicing, as well as a new belt and many other parts.

The Brinly-Hardy drop spreader was delivered Thursday in time for a workout on Friday, unfortunately it was missing a piece; however, it was not a critical piece (it was the lift control arm for lifting the wheels up when not transporting, requiring the wheels to be left off for now) and it was able to be put to good use on Friday.

Donald and David spent all of Friday down in the back spreading lime on the production fields with the new spreader and cleaning and mowing the test garden. They got 850 pounds of lime put down (with the 150 pounds put down with the broadcast spreader, a total of 1,000 pounds has been put down). We are about 400 pounds short of the recommended application, but feel that we have an adequate amount down for now. We will be putting more down next year.

David applying lime
Much more work is planned for preparing the farm for production crops over the next few months. We hope we do not fall behind like we did this past year.

We should know in the next week or two whether we will be planting a winter cover crop, where, what, and how much.

Until next week,

Blessings from Baker Heritage Farms

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