Sunday, March 10, 2013

Update - 13FEB18 through 13MAR03

Greetings from Baker Heritage Farms;

While Debbie and Donald were off the farm from February 18th through March 3rd (Debbie has been off the farm since January 2nd), David was hard at work.

The week of February 17th David managed to put up 470 feet of 16 gauge field fence and tied down 330 feet of field fence that he put up the week of February 17th.

The week of February 24th, David seeded 128 Arkansas Traveler tomatoes, 128 Cherokee Purple tomatoes, 544 Doe Hill Golden Bell Frying Peppers, 544 Ashe County Pimento Sweet Peppers, and 544 Long Red Cayenne Hot Peppers.

The seed beds are in trays, which are currently in our barn, either in cribs or on a table.

Seed Trays
Seed Trays on Table (door on saw horses)
Seed Trays in Modified Cribs
David received notification on Saturday, March 2nd that his chicks had hatched and they were on their way. He notified the local post office, however, he received a telephone call from the Poteau post office early Sunday morning that the chicks were in and needed to be picked up. On Sunday, March 3rd, David picked up 27 chicks, though one was dead (25 chicks were ordered, however, 1 "rare breed" and 1 "extra" chick were provided, so he netted 26 chicks, of which at least 25 chicks are Wyandotte Silver Laced chicks, and all chicks were quickly made comfortable in the barn.

Needless to say, David had a very busy two weeks on the farm and did an excellent job of caring for the farm while Debbie and Donald were away.

Blessings from Baker Heritage Farms

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997)

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