Sunday, May 5, 2013


Greetings from Baker Heritage Farms:

If April showers bring May flowers ... what does May snow bring?

No, we did not have snow, but we went from beautiful spring weather (70's plus) to breezy, wet, cold weather. Northeast Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas broke all sorts of records this week with snow and abnormally cold weather, and we had rain (though snow was forecast).

Debbie and Donald went down to assess the damage to the production fields from all the rain over the past several months this past Monday, as it was a beautiful day and we had a beautiful weekend. Unfortunately, the few days of sunshine were not enough to dry the pasture out and they almost got stuck, and now there are two tracks that will have to be filled in. Donald walked out to the far corner (Plot 1D) where cabbage seed was planted and was walking ankle deep in water. There is no cabbage, so that will be a write off for this year.

This weekend provided relief from heavy rain (though we did have a light rain Saturday) so Donald was able to clean and sterilize the brooders and equipment and today he prepared one brooder for the arrival of the Turkeys, expected the week of May 13th. The other brooder is ready for when the Turkeys get too big to be together in one brooder.

Sunday, Donald attacked the front yard again, and finally, after slipping and sliding around on the lawn tractor, was able to get the hill mowed. It was starting to look like a hay field.

We are working on ReThinking Baker Heritage Farms and are coming up with plans (as well as taking action) to get back on track. More on that with our post ReThinking Baker Family Farms, the Start of a New Plan.

We will be unable to post the next two weekends (and won't be getting much work done on the farm either), due to business commitments off-farm, but will begin posting again the weekend of May 26th if all goes well.

Until then,

Blessings from Baker Heritage Farms

"The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants." Leviticus 25:6

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