Sunday, April 15, 2012


Storms - Rain - Storms - not much work being done on the farm at the moment. A string of nasty storms went through central Oklahoma this weekend, leaving wind and rain in our area.

Debbie and Danielle preserved five quarts of dill pickles this week. So far, they appear to have been successful. They are getting a head start on learning to preserve food products.

David, Debbie, and Danielle have started working on the family garden between the houses, though even that did not get too far.

Materials List For Turkey Shelter

The materials list for the Turkey shelter included:

5 - 8' 2X4's
2 - 10' 4X4's
1 - 4'X8' Sheet of 1/4" Plywood
Chicken wire (16'X48") for back and two sides
Deck screws

Cut List

Cut 2 - 8' 2X4's in half (2 - 4' 2X4's per side)
Cut 2 - 10' 4X4's in half (1 - 5' 4X4 per corner)

Essentially, you will have two 4 foot 2X4's on each side, two 8 foot 2X4's in back, and one 8 foot 2X4 in front on top.

Watch out - we thought we needed 8' 2X4's. We purchased 2X4 "stud's" and were disappointed that they were only 93' long. We cut 2X4's we had from constructing our barn into 4 foot 2X4's to make up for this "error". It did not take long for us to figure out why they are called "stud's" and why they were shorter than 8'. We had to use an extra one in front to hold up the plywood for the roof. Guess it is good we are not contractors - but we learned and will hopefully do better with the hen house.

Donald will be in Washington state this next week and has a class at OCU next Saturday, so progress will be minimal. We should have a report on the Turkey chicks next week but not much else.

Until next week ...

The Baker Family

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