Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday 12APR10

This is a late posting, but better late then never.

The Turkey pen is completed (picture next week) and includes a shelter. A material list and construction plans for the shelter will be provided in next week's post.

The Turkey chicks have been ordered (10) and are due to arrive on the 17th or 18th. All of the supplies have been purchased and David will have their temporary home ready for them when they arrive. We did not realize how complicated the process can be. Debbie and David had to go to the post office to warn them of the anticipated arrival date and provide them with a phone number so that they can inform us of when the chicks arrive. Then we need to go to the post office and count how many arrived live before taking delivery. We will need to do this again when the hens are ordered.

The test garden plot is still too wet to work. Donald took the 5103 down and used the box blade prongs to rip the ground, hoping to help it dry out some. We are running into planting season and may have trouble getting some of the plants we need (we are already having trouble getting seed). We cannot do any work on preparing the regular plots for next year yet as the pasture still has standing water in areas. Hopefully we can get the test plot tilled this next weekend and prepare for planting. Other then tillage, we do not plan to prep the land prior to planting as we want to see what will happen naturally before we start getting fancy.

Initial measurements indicate that we will be able to work 8 one-half acre plots next year. Most likely 4 will be crops and 4 will be livestock. We hope to be ready to plant cover crops by the end of summer to prepare for next years planting season. Livestock has not yet been determined, but cost will be a factor.

Debbie, David, and Danielle worked on the family garden by the houses on Monday. David and Donald attempted to till the garden area but were unsuccessful due to the number of rocks. The first few years will require a lot of manual labor and hand work to dig up the rocks and remove them. They were able to get two strips done and hopefully will be able to start planting by this weekend.

Donald drove to Alabama this week to visit a large client there. He will return late Friday. The next two weekends will be busy due to a class and a seminar.

Baker Heritage Farms will return next week.

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