Wednesday, August 8, 2012



This is a late update.

Due to the heat and work schedules, very little farm work has been done.

We have not been affected by the draught as much as many of the areas around us; however, it has been very hot. David has been watering the test garden about every 5 days now, and we are able to keep it green and growing. Debbie, David, and Elizabeth went down Monday to gather more squash and tie up the beans.

Donald is in Sloan, Iowa this week surrounded by corn fields. It is amazing that both corn and soy beans are growing after the floods last year (they said it would take about 3 years for the soil to rebound); however, it is reported that, while the corn stalks appear to be full size (much taller than 2010) the actual corn cobs are dwarfed and not growing to full size.

David has started to work on the hen house again as the weather permits. Hopefully the hen house and fencing will be completed by the end of the year.

Actual farm work will be limited over the next few weeks due to time availability and financial uncertainty. We are actually reaching the point where we will be testing our ability to be resilient farmers. We are also getting to the point that will decide how commercial the farm will be in 2013.

Until next week - 

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