Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Greetings to all;

It appears that our garden is still growing, which is a good thing.

David went down and took pictures of our newest products - a few watermelon and the first pumpkin. Unfortunately, due to limited internet access, no photos can be posted at this time.

David is catching up on the hen house, the floor has been completed and the sides and roof that are constructed have been painted. Once the rest of the roof and front are completed and painted, the fencing project will start. We will be working to ensure that predators will not be able to gain access to the chicken coop, at least from the ground.

The weather has improved substantially, with a good rainfall in the past week and lower temperatures. Work will start in ernest on the fields in a couple of weeks.

Once the internet can be accessed in the normal fashion, we will be posting photos of craft items that have been made, and we will also be starting to post recipes for dishes made with farm products.

Blessings to all from Baker Heritage Farms.

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