Saturday, October 13, 2012

12OCT13 Part One

Oops - No posting for last week. For some reason, we neglected to provide a post for last week.

To bring everyone up-to-date, the week of October 1st (post would have been the weekend of October 7th) David went down and did a semi-final harvest, bringing in squash and a handful of beans. He also disconnected and drained the water lines as we were supposed to get a frost.

We also purchased 500 pounds of lime the week of October 1st; however, we have been unable to till or spread the lime due to rain. We have decided to spread the lime on top of the mowed hay in all production fields to save time. As we have been all year, we are behind in our work, primarily due to weather. We hope to get down and do a trial run with the small tractor using a pull behind spreader. If it works, we will experiment for the proper settings and David will be able to go down during decent weather. We will need to apply over a ton of lime to the three main production fields, not including the test garden (we will need to buy another 600 pounds or more to get the job done). The lime will help our cover crops build nitrogen.

And that, our friends, brings you up-to-date to last weekend.

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