Monday, September 3, 2012

12SEP03 - Catching Up


We apologize for the lack of a posting for the past two weeks; however, due to limited internet service, we were unable to post.

When the last posting was made (12AUG22) we were unable to post the pictures David took of the garden. Here are the pictures we were unable to post:
Pumpkin Bloom
This photo was taken on August 20th - there is a real pumpkin there now.
This photo was also taken August 20th - we have since lost one watermelon to rot, but we have picked one as it appears that it may be ripe (though it has not been long enough, we will find out how ripe it is soon).

David and Debbie went down to the garden later that week (August 23rd) and picked another bountiful harvest of squash (both zucchini and patty pan). 
One of two baskets harvested August 23rd
2nd basket of two harvested August 23rd
We grow BIG patty pan. 
Yes, we know that patty pan is supposed to be picked while it is still small, but you are also supposed to wait until the blossom dies, our patty pan are just plain big by the time the blossom dies, and they still taste great.
Watermelon amongst the squash.
Overall, it would appear that the test garden is doing very well.

Now you are up-to-date with the happenings at Baker Heritage Farms up to this past weekend (see "12SEP03 - Current" for the happenings over the Labor Day weekend).

Blessings from Baker Heritage Farms

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